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Our Beauty Studio offers a full range of nail and salon services – from face treatments, body treatments, eye treatments and hair removal to hand and foot treatments including manicure, pedicure, nail extensions & nail art.
Body beauty treatmentsUsing natural resources such as clay, purifying algae, cocoa, essential oils, our body treatments will satisfy the body’s craving for minerals and nutrients, leaving it refreshed and balanced.  The following treatment packages re-mineralise, nourish and balance the body.  Body wraps are popular spa treatments designed to increase the sense of well-being, relaxation and pleasure of the recipient. Wrap treatments are based on the idea that the skin and soft tissues are fundamentally involved in the intake and elimination of toxins and excess fluids.


Benefits of infrared sauna thermal blanket combined with luxurious body wraps:


How it works:


This instrument through infrared heating promotes blood circulation and increases metabolism, melts excess fat thinning the body, improves body constitution and immunity.


1. Rejuvenation: promotes blood circulation, accelerates the metabolism, strengthens muscle nutrients, it also activates cells and eliminates heavy ions and toxins.
2. Weight loss: accelerates metabolism to make the fat cells break down quickly.
3. Body shaping: it helps skin to absorb the nutrients and make your skin smooth and beautiful.
4. Other health benefits: improves immunity and insomnia, alleviates constipation, endocrine imbalances and arthritis.


Body exfoliation

To have a silky skin with an added moisturizer applied through a light massage.


Duration: 40 min

Just £40.00

Luxurious Chocolate body wrap

The chocolate body wrap is a mineral rich sea clay infused with the essence of cocoa. The combined benefits detoxify, tone, soften the skin and uplift you with the aromatic characteristics of high-quality chocolate. Benefits of the Chocolate Body Wrap. A chocolate body wrap smoothes the skin and leaves a luminous glow while the cocoa contains glycerides which deliver moisturizing lipids and fats which plumps out wrinkles. It detoxifies the pores of the skin; firms and tones the skin and the chocolate contains over 300 different compounds some of which can have a significant impact on your health and beauty.


Duration: 70 min

Just £60.00

Firming Seaweed body wrap

Your silhouette will look slimmer and firmer after you have experienced the benefits of marine algae. Body wrapping employs the principals of osmosis and purifies, detoxifies and smoothes your skin both visibly and measurably. Water retention is reduced and the heavy feeling in the legs and problem areas are minimized. The results are immediately noticeable, clarifying, smoothing and firming your body contours.


Duration: 70 min

Just £60.00

Clay body wrap

Clay body wraps are thought as aids for weight loss and for refining the skin. As the body’s largest organ, the skin is believed to have the ability to absorb the healing benefits of clay through its pores.

The Clay Body Wrap is great for body shaping and contouring. This excellent Clay Body Wrap will help lift flabby buttocks and breasts giving you a better shape! The natural white clay revitalizes the skin elastin, giving a more toned appearance. The appearance of cellulite may also improve.


Duration: 70 min

Just £60.00